Alpaca DB

Company Name
Alpaca DB
Headquarters Location
AlpacaScan, AlpacaAlgo
Total Equity Funding
Approximately USD 2750,000
Individuals, NEC Capital Solutions, SMBC Venture Capital, Archetype Corporation, Bip Systems, Genuine Startups, IDEO, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital, D4V, Monex Ventures,
AlpacaDB developed a trading platform utilizing deep learning technology. The AlpacaAlgo plays a role as a trader in the financial market, providing automatic trading ideas that are especially useful for non-programmers. Additionally, it automatically analyzes price fluctuations based on past trades. The AlpacaAlgo trading process takes only 15 seconds to complete. After being on the market for 6 months, the user-base of the algorithm has reached 10,000.
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