The following startup list was provided by "Nikkei FinTech database 2017-2018 publication (Nikkei BP company)" and translated by Fintech Association of Japan(FAJ). Some members of Fintech Association of Japan(FAJ) are included. (These information are as of the end of March 2017.)
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  • 1 Cloud Payment.Inc.

    Cloud Payment/Keirinomikata
    Total Equity Funding
    Vector, Aucfan Co.Ltd., JAFCO Co., Ltd., AMIBITION
    Cloud Payment provides a payment agency system, Cloud Payment, and an automation billing service solution, Keiri no Mikata (On Behalf of Accounting). Cloud Payment mainly works with e-commerce websites that accept credit card payments, convenience store payments, and account transfer payments. Additionally, as a basic function, it is compatible with continuous charging and pay-as-you-go charging. Keiri no Mikata is the first automated financial system in Japan that can be utilized throughout the entire capital flow, including payment, bill collection, reconciliation, and reminder. In December 2016, the company started a business alliance with JP Links, operating a remittance service utilizing Fintech.